24,6K +1350M


28 January 2024
Start time: 9:30
Canet d'Adri
Limit time 4h 30m

  • Start: Canet d’Adri
  • Finish:Canet d’Adri
  • Mandatory material: it is the responsibility of the participant to decide to use the material recommended by the organization.
  • Recommended equipment: glass or soft drum, mobile phone, thermal blanket, windbreaks and everything necessary to deal with the sudden changes in weather due to the climate emergency we are in.
    * Remember that refreshments are without glasses.
  • Distance and altimetry
    Actual distance: 24,6k
    Positive slope: +1.350m
    Desnivell acumulat: 2.300m
    Maximum altitude: 917m
    Minimum altitude: 217m
  • Terreny
    90% singletrack
    5% track
    5% aphalt
  • Espai Natural Protegit de les Muntanyes de Rocacorba
    Hightlights: Rocacorba peak and river, St. Nicolau, el Golany, Mas Gelats, cim dels Velers….
  • Time first participant:2 h 15 m
    Limit time: 4 h 30 m
  • Limit times (pass controls)
    Av1. Rocacorba – km 7,5: 11:00 h
    Ap2. Mas Gelats – km 13.1: 12:00 h
    Ap3. Riera de Canet – km 21,3: 13:30 h
    Finish: 14:00 h
  • Itinerary marked with red Klassmark recycled fabric and indicative signs

27 January 2024

28 January 2024

  • Official gift
  • Environmental tax
  • Personalized bib number
  • Timing and chip
  • Online time
  • Online photos
  • Pre race feed zone (breakfast)
  • Feed zone on route
  • Finish feed zone
  • Wardrobe service
  • Route assistance
  • Medical point
  • WC and showers (the shower area in Canet d’Adri is unisex, and hot water runs out)
  • Car parking
  • Motorhome and camper parking

* Remember that we do not provide any single-use containers for refreshments

  • Feed zones (on race): 3
    Ap1. Rocacorba – km 7,5
    Av2. Mas Gelats – km 13,1
    Ap3. Riera de Canet – km 21,3
  • Finish feed zone
    Site: Pavelló de Canet d’Adri
    Time: 14:00 h
  • Feed zone product
    Ap1, Ap2 and Ap3: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, banana, orange, sweets, toasted corn, olives and potato omelette . All without gluten. All without gluten.
    Av META: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, beer, coffe, fruit, peanuts, nuts, olives, potato omelette (all free gluten) pasta and rice

  • Oficial Categories
    • Absolute
      No binary
    • Sub23
      Female up to 23 years
      Male up to 23 years
    • Màster 40
      Female from 40 to 49 years
      Male from 40 to 49 years
    • Màster 50
      Female from 50 years
      Male from 50 years

* The age of the participant on December 31 of the current year will be taken into account.
* Prizes are cumulative.
* It will be essential to be present at the award ceremony to receive the trophy, medal or gift.

  • Honorary categories
    • Master 60
      Female from 60 to 69 years
      Male from 60 to 69 years
    • Master 70
      Female from 70 to 79 years
      Male from 70 to 79 years
    • Master 80
      Female from 80 years
      Male from 80 years

* The age of the participant on December 31 of the current year will be taken into account.
* The honorary categories will not be awarded prizes, but will appear in the classification of the event with the rest of the officials.
* No trophies, medals or gifts will be awarded.