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Our race do not talk about kilometers or meters of elevation, they talk about emotions and feelings. Klassmark is the trajectory of 10 years building dreams; the experience of more than 100 sporting events. Always with the ambition to be the first. It doesn't matter in what position we cross the finish line, but in how we do it.


#NoNatureNoFuture, this is our flag. The mountains fear our hands; Someone will have to change this reality. We organize careers as if we had never organized them. No impact. Without residues. Only the calendar will remember which day they were disputed because the next morning there will be no trace of them. Environmental fans.


This is the way, the only way to continue enjoying the sport where the goal is insignificant, but the trip is glorious. We want to share it with you. Travel together. We work from and to the territory but we open its doors to the world. We capture what you have always dreamed. You just have to make it happen. Run. Pedal. Live.



February 2, 2020

Do you believe in magic? We do not talk about what is hidden behind a card trick. Let's talk about the magic of Montserrat.

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March 8, 2020

We will not discover you the Costa Brava, but we will tell you that don’t just to look it like a postcard.

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April 19, 2020

The opportunity to meet the paradise in the best way possible, running that the Llémena Valley draws.

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The Santa Vall refers to the Llémena Valley, at neural points of the bicycle such as Sant Grau or Santa Afra

February  16, 2020

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BarcelonaMTB-stage 2-619-185.jpg

Sant Julià de Vilatorta is the setting chosen to offer another quality option to the mountainbike community.

May 28-29, 2020

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Welcome to the Girona MTB Challenge, 3 days in single paradise!

May 1-2-3, 2020

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