53K +1200M

31 march 2023
Start time: 10:00
Girona center
Limit time 4h
  • Start and finish: Pavelló Girona-Fontajau
  • Distance and altimetry
    Real distance: 53,7 k
    Positiv incline: +1200m
    Acumulated incline: 2400m
    Maximum altitude: 331m
    Minimum altitude: 74m
  • Terrain
    70% singletrack
    20% track
    5% asphalt
  • First participant: 2h00m
    Limit time: 4h00
  • Limit times (pass controls)
    Ap1. 22k – La Mota: 11:50 h
    Ap2. 31,5k – Sant Medir: 12:30 h
    FINISH. 53,7k – Girona: 14:00 h
  • Itinerary marked with red Klassmark recycled fabric and indicative signs
  • Mandatory Track

FRIDAY 31 of MARCH 2023

  • Official gift
  • Environmental tax
  • Personalized bib
  • Timing and chip
  • Komoot code to download the track
  • Online time
  • Online photos
  • Pre race feed zone (breakfast)
  • Feed zone on route
  • Finish feed zone
  • Wardrobe service
  • Route assistance
  • Medical point
  • Mechanical point in charge of Doctore.Bike, for more information or reservation: or 625 67 92 82
  • Bicycle washing area
  • Showers and toilets
  • Car parking

* Remember that we do not provide any single-use containers for refreshments

An extra returnable can can be left at refreshment station 2. You will have to leave it at the bib collection before and it can be collected from 1:30 p.m.

  • Feed zones (on race):
    Ap1.22k – La Mota
    Ap2. 32,2k – Sant Medir
  • Arrival feed zone
    Site: Pavelló Girona-Fontajau
    Time: 14:00 h
  • Feed zones product
    Av1 and Av2: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, banana, orange, sweets, toasted corn, olives and quince jelly. All without gluten.
    ApFINISH: water, Green-cola, isotonic drink, beer, coffee, banana, orange, toasted corn, olives, potato omelette (all without gluten), pasta and rice.
  • Individual categories
    • Absolutely Feminine
    • Absolutely male
    • No Binary
    • Women’s Master’s
      Women over 40 years old
    • Màster 40
      Men from 40 years old
    • Màster 50
      Men from 50 years old

    • E-bike

    Categories for teams

    • Women’s Teams
    • Men’s Teams
    • Mixed teams
    • Non-Binary Teams

    * On Friday the 31st and Saturday the 1st, the three best participants of the stage and the leader of the general classification of the different categories will be awarded
    * On Sunday 2 the three best participants of the stage and the first three overall in the different categories will be awarded

    * The age of the participant on December 31 of the current year will be taken into account
    * Prizes are cumulative
    * It will be essential to be present at the award ceremony to receive the trophy, medal or gift
    * If a category has less than five participants it will be cancelled